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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy services use proven intervention to reduce pain and restore normal function in individuals dealing with injury, disability, or disease. Services are provided by a licensed physical therapist. Physical therapists first examine and evaluate a patient’s specific condition. The therapist will then prescribe appropriate treatment that may consist of a combination of exercise, hands on techniques performed by the therapist, and possibly anti-inflammatory agents. The therapist will also spend time educating the patient about his or her specific condition. The therapist will teach the patient how to self-manage the condition through a home exercise program and activity modification. The goal of physical therapy is to decrease pain, and improve function.

Patients seen at Westlake Physical Therapy are given a thorough evaluation including patient history, observation of the musculoskeletal system, body movement, muscle strength, range of motion, and proprioception. A treatment plan, customized to the individual’s specific needs, is then formed and implemented at proceeding visits and in the home (see patient education). Each patient is educated about their condition and taught self-management skills.

Many physical therapy clinics utilize aides (non-therapists) to treat their patients. At Westlake Physical Therapy, patients are treated by the therapist – every visit. We believe this is absolutely necessary for a patient’s optimal recovery.